“In the Room”

This is my illustration for Bentley Little’s story, “In the Room,” which is included in Cemetery Dance Publications’ anthology, TURN DOWN THE LIGHTS, edited by Richard Chizmar. I’m honored to be included in this project, along with artists I greatly admire. Alan M. Clark did the great cover art; other interior illustrations were done by Mark Edward Geyer, Steven Gilberts, Keith Minnion, Jill Bauman, and Glenn Chadbourne. You can read about the book here: http://www.cemeterydance.com/page/CDP/PROD/chizmar17 At the moment, the trade editions are still available, and limited editions are in production.

It’s Friday: another remarque for The Dark Tower website’s Haven Foundation auction is in progress, and when it’s complete I will post that artwork. Until then, have a wonderful day, and please be kind to yourself and others. Thinking about what I read in the news lately, it seems the world needs more of that sort of thing.