Wednesday 2/15

It was sunny today! The ground finally dried out enough that I could work in the yard without slopping through muck. A few spots are still sticky with mud, but I was able to mow and rake, prune a few things, clear the drainage area and pull weeds…that bit’s easy, as the ground is so soft. There is still much to do, but I feel much happier today having gotten to play in the dirt, and it is nice to have this place better tended. The daffodils are starting to bloom, the plum trees are flowering, and the acacias are heavy with bright yellow fragrant flowers…they make me sneeze, but I like them anyway.

All the outside work had to be done soon, as it’s supposed to start raining again tonight. After a short break I got to paint a bit more — below is one study that is nearly done. I am learning a lot, even though the work isn’t ‘pro’ yet…all part of the process, and it won’t get better if I don’t keep at it.

Adding color…nearly done with this study (still wet)

That’s it for now…hope this finds you all well. More soon!




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