Haven Foundation

Greetings from very soggy northern California. My goodness, it’s been raining! After a few years of drought, our place has finally stopped soaking up the rain; the creeks and rivers are rushing again, and there are sheets of water (and–here and there–rocks and mud and trees) flowing across our local highways. Our yard is more swampy than yardy. We’re happy for the rain, but also quite thankful for our sump pump.

So–in the middle of rainstorms, I’m working on a few projects, including a couple auctions of artwork for charity. Please check out the Haven Foundation, an organization founded by author Stephen King, to assist freelance creative people who have found themselves unable to work due to accident or disease. Here’s the link: http://www.thehavenfdn.org/   A community of Stephen King fans and collectors at The Dark Tower (http://www.thedarktower.org) works hard every year to generate funds for the Haven Foundation, and this year I’ll be donating at least two pieces of artwork for their auction. The first, which will be soon be offered on eBay, is this cover artwork for Cemetery Dance Publications’ chapbook by Kevin Quigley, Stephen King Limited #1. For more information, see http://www.thedarktower.org — this organization gives the Haven Foundation a good deal of help, and I’m honored to be part of the effort.



While the wind is picking up outside, and the next band of rain starts to come through, I’m going to do a bit more drawing, and make something hearty and comforting for supper; we’ll get the fireplace going, and hunker down for the night with a good book and several cats. I hope you’re all warm and cozy.


2 thoughts on “Haven Foundation

  1. Though I’m just a normal browsing member of thedarktower.org website and don’t speak in any official capacity for either organization, thank you Erin for donating your talents to thedarktower.org & The Haven Foundation and for spreading the word about their efforts.

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