Fall Shifting to Winter

It’s been quite a while since I last posted…please pardon the long absence. We’ve been working hard, my buddy and I. We fixed up our studio space, moved stuff around so I can paint here without stinking up the house (and making the cats sneeze) with paint and pastel dust. In general this will be a very busy year: we’re wrapping up several projects, and starting quite a few new ones.

In the studio, I’m working to learn new techniques, and attempting to develop a better portfolio. In the meantime, I’m joining (or rejoining, as the case may be) local arts groups and cooperative galleries, and generally expanding the scope of my work. Eventually I hope to add writing to the mix, but that’s for later, if it happens at all.

Too often, I find myself making task lists that are bound to make me feel like a failure at the end of the day: a dozen or more items, go-go-go and maybe half of them done by the time I have to head to sleep; maybe less than that. I’m trying to train myself to keep working hard, but to keep personal expectations realistic from day to day, so I am productive, yet sane and positive. A good friend, who’s also an excellent certified yoga instructor, is teaching me beginning yoga: that does help me stay focused and balanced in the midst of everything thrown our way by current events and personal life. Nothing makes me happier than making art, writing,  reading, and spending time with family and friends, so I hope to do more of those things this year and less of other things (worrying, letting myself read too much online news, etc.)

So, with new endeavors in mind, below are a few images from current and recent projects. We’ll have exciting news, most likely around March 2016. I’ll post more soon; until then, be well, take it easy, and please be kind to one another.

Autumn Dream
Detail from a recent oil painting, a personal work
“House Fire,” for a story by Robert McCammon
“Great Costume!” — for an upcoming book
“Halloween Tree,” for an upcoming book

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