Spring Cleaning, and Lots of New Art

This week I’m paring down my web presence to this blog, my art website (soon to be completely redesigned) and e-mail, with a sprinkling of Twitter. After years of using Facebook, its appeal suddenly and completely wore off: what I had previously enjoyed about that site, and found useful, was being lost in “Suggested Posts,” dropped messages, and increasingly obtuse user controls and filters. I feel better having left Facebook, although my partner may still see fit to maintain a page there for the studio. If he chooses to do that, it’s okay with me, but I will no longer be posting there.

New work is underway: a lot of it! I have all the commissions I can handle for the moment, although later in the spring, a couple more books are coming along (they’re not yet announced, so I think I cannot mention authors or titles), and I’m looking forward to those. Right now, for Dark Renaissance Books, I’m painting six interior illustrations for a wonderful Lovecraftian tale called The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, by David Barker and W.H. Pugmire. The authors, as well as Joe Morey of Dark Renaissance, have been wonderful collaborators, and it’s a rich, dark, spooky tale! I think this will be a beautiful edition, and can’t wait to see the book released.

Meanwhile I’m working my way through one hundred remarques for Cemetery Dance Publications’ special edition of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep: a box of eight copies is here, and I hope to ship all those drawings out this week, or early next. Twenty-eight more copies are supposedly en route to my tiny studio as I write this, so I will soon be working behind a fortification of book-boxes. In some ways that’s one of the best types of cubicle to have, I suppose, but I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t anticipating putting the final touches on the 100th remarque.

Here are some sketches — these are the rough preliminaries — for the interiors for The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, and the image I painted for the cover.



Thanks for reading!

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