New Project for 2014

New Project for 2014

This is an interior illustration for an upcoming project. All the images for this commission are painted with watercolor. I will post more news and art from this book soon, probably in February or early March.

Today I’m working on more remarques for collectors, and there are a couple books making the rounds among several illustrators for the current Haven Foundation auction at The Dark Tower website. If you haven’t checked out the Foundation yet, do so: founded by Stephen King, it helps those in creative occupations–freelancers–who face challenges with health care and finances.

Then: bookkeeping. In the past, I have too often procrastinated on that until it’s a looming, distasteful chore. This year I vowed to spend a little time on it regularly, before tax papers and BOE statements are due, until the account is in prime shape, all things accounted for and papers neatly filed in date order. So far, so good. It’s never quite as much torture as I imagine it will be, once I get started. It’s just that numbers start looking like hieroglyphs to me after I look at them for an hour or two; my brain goes to mush and the numerals mean nothing — at that point it might be just as effective to have a beagle at the keyboard. My patient companion taught me how to do simple multi-ledger accounts to keep track of business and personal things, which was new to me…it’s finally sinking in. I may be able to think analytically, but working with numbers has never been my strong suit.

More coffee! Then…drawing, and paperwork! Yes!

Happy Thursday!


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