Doctor Sleep and Home Maintenance



These drawings — pencil on illustration board — are among more than twenty images I created for Cemetery Dance Publications’ special edition of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, which will be distributed this Fall (September was the last I heard). Vincent Chong did the cover art, as well as what promises to be a fantastic series of tip-in/fold-out interior color illustrations for the book. I think Glenn Chadbourne also contributed, with some endsheet designs–check out the Cemetery Dance website for more details:

Still working on a new painting, but it’s slow going. Other things have been happening here at home that obliged me to be out of the studio a bit…building fence with my husband and our neighbors; helping to get a new water line installed for our house (I am now fairly familiar with how to dig a good trench); and catching up on maintenance around the place. Nothing in the arena of “maintenance,” particularly when it comes to yard work and garden projects, is ever “finished,” I suspect, but I do love that work.

Not as much as I love drawing, painting, and reading, though — I’d better get back to the drawing board.

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