Illustrations for an Anthology

“Town Cemetery: Residents”

This drawing was created a while ago, but was just released as an interior illustration for Cemetery Dance Publications’ Dueling Minds anthology. (See ) I thoroughly enjoyed this project; it was one of the first full book interior illustration commissions for which I was ever hired (thanks, Alan!) Working with each author’s unique style and every story’s tone, while keeping the drawings tied together stylistically, was challenging and fun.

Here are a few more from the book:


Today I’m working on a new painting–still learning how to make the paint do what I want it to. Part of being a skilled artist is being flexible, both in approach (without compromising to the point where it loses the artist’s ‘voice’) and in medium… learning new things is important to me; I think it’s what curious people do. Maintaining interest in the world around us, and how the external world intertwines with our interior worlds of thought, memory, and creative drive, is–in my opinion–what keeps us young and happy; it’s a big part of what keeps our minds sharp.

Until next time, stay safe and be happy. Read a good book!

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